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About Us

As a charitable institution, the Friends of the Long Lost Phasmid Inc" are a group of dedicated people who are interested in the survival of the Lord Howe Island (LHI) stick insect (Phasmid) whose scientific name is Dryococelus australis. The Phasmid was rediscovered living on a rock, Ball's Pyramid 23 km Southeast of LHI on the 5th February 2001. 

Once known to be abundant on LHI the phasmids demise came from the sinking of a ship in 1918- rats came ashore and by the mid 1930's the land lobster as it was called by the Islanders, was all but extinct. 70 years later (2003) two specimens came to NSW entomologist Stephen Fellenberg, who is also breeding these critically endangered insects. Now (May 2006) Stephen has founded the 'Friends of the Long Lost phasmid Inc.' and we are asking for your help to continue to save these fascinating creatures. 

Aims of the Friends: 
* Establish a breeding group in NSW 
* Broaden awareness of the critically endangered stick insect 
* Conduct Education talks on the long lost Phasmid (threatened species) 
* Raise funding for University based research through the "Phasmid Fund" 
* Re-establish the Phasmid on LHI 
* Learn more about threatened species especially invertebrates & their environments. 

As a Friends member you will; Learn about stick insects, in particular the Long Lost Phasmid, you will discover that this species of insect is different from other Australian stick insects. Receive information on the recovery program and it progress. Have the opportunity to help in the breeding and with educational talks. You will also have the opportunity to learn about conservation, biodiversity and threatened species. And lots more! 

Yes they are only insects, but look at what they represent, they have lived for decades on a rock with only the minimum of vegetation to survive, in helping this species which we helped almost to extinction, we may be able to rid LHI of rats, learn more about island biodiversity and be able to say it doesn't matter if its not a cute and cuddly animal all threatened species should be saved, so don't let them end up like the dead specimens pictured below.

A copy of our constitution can be downloaded. Click on the PDF file to open document.

Join Our Team

Photograph to the left:

This photograph outside the Campbelltown Arts Centre shows a number of our founding members. Both adults and children are fascinated by insects, spiders and other invertebrates as our membership grows and our child members grow up our commitment to our younger members is as strong as ever.

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