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This web site is the gate way to information on the critically endangered stick insect, Dryococelus australis.

An Entomologist, named Stephen J Fellenberg

Stephen has always been interested in insects and other invertebrates developing a number of different skills over the years, he has been preparing and giving presentations and demonstrations to students at Play groups, Pre-schools, Primary, Secondary Schools and Universities since 1992.

Obtaining an Associate Diploma in Biological Techniques at the Sydney Institute of Technology, while working as a laboratory assistant, with the Centre for Entomological Research in Insecticide Technology (CERIT) at UNSW, studying sheep blow flies has equipped him with the basic knowledge on which to continue his own research and development of educational programs.

Stephen has completed an Entomological Technical Training Course, held at CSIRO, in Canberra and also a short course on the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Stephen has accreditation from the NSW Department of Education and a certificate IV in Adult Education from NSW TAFE.

In his spare time Stephen has assisted the National Parks Association (NPA) as team leader on a number of biodiversity surveys. But his main area of interests are with the fascinating group of insects known as stick insects (Phasmatids). This group first caught his attention while doing volunteer work at the Australian Museum Sydney, by starting to sort the collection he found that two females were carrying identical eggs (6 each). So after publication of the eggs description Stephen was hooked!

Today the most exciting work is on the Lord Howe Island stick insect which Stephen has coined "the long lost Phasmid" a team rediscovered them in February 2001. A Breeding program is now under way and hopefully as funds becoming available Stephen will be able to continue the research into this fascinating group.

Stephen is also a member of the Entomological Society of NSW and The Society for Insect Studies.

“ Hi! I Hope you enjoy your Bug Adventures, see you again soon”.

When Stephen not studing the phasmid or collecting other bugs, he'll be at the CMA Martial Arts Do-Jang training ( Stephen's highest rank to date is 3rd degree black belt in Hapkido and Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu (BJJ). The training kepts me fit and I love teaching Stephen said.


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