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The Long Lost Phasmid was rediscovered
living on a rock, Ball’s Pyramid 23 km South East of LHI on the 5th February

Once known to be abundant on LHI the Phasmids demise came from the
sinking of a ship in 1918- rats came ashore and by the mid 1930’s the Land
–lobster as it was called by the Islanders, was all but extinct.
70 years later (2003) two specimens came to NSW entomologist Stephen Fellenberg,
who has been breeding these critically endangered insects. Stephen has founded
the “Friends” a charitable institution, called the “friends of the long lost
Phasmid Inc” they are a group of dedicated people who are interested in the
survival of the Lord Howe Island (LHI) Phasmid (stick Insect) Dryococelus

Have a look at the following pages to find out more about us and the
Phasmid. We are asking for your help to help us to continue to save these
fascinating creatures. Thank You.


Stephen Fellenberg (President).


Friends of the Phasmid
As you know "the more helping hands" the more we will be able to help this incredible creature.
Please have a look at our information ( if you
would like to be a member Great and then send to all your friends.
If you would like more info please contact stephen email:

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